Miss Rodeo Glennville Pageant


Thank you for your interest in our 2017 Miss Rodeo Glennville competition.

The Miss Rodeo Glennville Pageant is open to young ladies from ages 9 to 24 years of age. The Miss Rodeo Glennville Pageant has three categories of competition: Queen (ages 18-24), Jr. Queen (17-13), and Princess (12-9).   Contestants will compete in Horsemanship, Speech and Modeling, Personal Interviews, and take a written test of their Rodeo & Equine Knowledge.  All contestants must complete and submit a Miss Rodeo Glennville Application and read and accept the Miss Rodeo Glennville Official Rules and Regulations before beginning the contest.  We strive to offer a premier competition for young ladies seeking to pursue other “Miss Rodeo” titles in the future, including Miss Rodeo California and Miss Rodeo America titles.

Speech and Modeling 2016 website photo


The GMVA has just finished our 2016 Glennville Rodeo and crowned our Miss Rodeo Glennville court. The 2016 Miss Rodeo Glennville Queen is Callie Bassett. The 2016 Miss Rodeo Glennville Jr. Queen is Kerstyn Barton. Our 2016 Miss Rodeo Glennville Princess is Samantha Hobson.

It is never too early to begin pursuing your rodeo queen dreams! We will begin accepting contestants for the 2017 Miss Rodeo Glennville competition on January 1st, 2017. This Miss Rodeo Glennville Pageant is pleased to award a Maverick Two Horse Trailer to the Queen Contestant with the highest overall points (some conditions apply. See our Rules and Regulations for more details.) All winners are awarded a custom buckle and crown, and a custom designed Corriente Saddle. Prizes are also awarded to second and third place finishers.

You may download our 2017 Rules and Regulations as your guide to prepare for the Pageant and begin now on your 2017 MRG Pageant Application.(Please send requests for a Word Document copy of the application to Erin Rogers at gbrelr@aol.com)
You can also find us on our Facebook page! Entry deadline for the 2017 Miss Rodeo Glennville Pageant is May 10th at 10 pm.


Queen Pageant Coaching days:

Sunday, April 9th at 3 PM at Rancho Rio Stables

Sunday, April 30th at 3 PM  Rancho Rio Stables

Monday, May 29th at 9 AM at Glennville Rodeo Grounds



2016 MRG Pageant Application

Please return all completed applications to: 
Erin Rogers, GMVA Queen Pageant Coordinator, PO Box 305, Glennville CA 93226

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact the MRG Pageant Coordinator, Erin Rogers via email at gbrelr@aol.com or by calling  (661) 805-6480 or (661)536-8941