The Greenhorn Mountain Veterans Association was started in 1947 by World War II veterans, seeking to establish a community veterans organization whose stated purpose is to “promote social activities, community welfare and a love for America”.  As an organization our priorities are

  1. Provide service to the communities of the Greenhorn Mountains through social activities (Rodeos, Dinners, 4-H clubs, church activities, school special events, weddings, funerals, celebrations).
  2. Support and serve our local veterans.
  3. Promote activities that would inspire and encourage a love for America and the Western Culture
  4. Provide emergency service in any way needed for our community including providing emergency shelter for people and animals in a crisis, service the needs of our local fire and police departments, and provide emergency landing area for helicopters used to transport patients.

You can help keep the work of the GMVA going throughout the year by making a donation of your choice. The Greenhorn Mountain Veterans Association is at 501c3 Non-Profit Veterans Organization. We have never received or asked for any government funds to build or maintain our facilities. We are completely dependent on the generous donations of sponsors (for our rodeo) and community members, like you!

Mail Checks to:
PO Box 305
Glennville, CA 93226


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